Get 2018 started with an updated multi-channel digital marketing strategy

Did you know that 15 years ago the average consumer used two touch-points when buying an item, while consumers today run through an average of almost six touch-points? This means that reaching new customers has become significantly more complex. With new platforms and channels still emerging, consumers have more and more choices and are demanding greater […]

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What is AI, and What Does it Have to Do With Your Social Media Campaigns?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. In day-to-day life, you probably use more AI based platforms than you think. Music streaming services, security systems, fraud protection, videogames, customer support, and even news sites all use artificial intelligence to enhance user experience. In fact, the AI industry is growing so rapidly, that by 2025 the […]

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How chatbots can refine the customer acquisition process

Today, people have ever-decreasing attention spans and aren’t interested in putting too much effort into becoming consumers. It’s why things like texting have become so popular. We’re reaching the point where dialing a phone number is simply too much work for the average person. Seems unreal, doesn’t it? But if you had to choose between […]

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