How To Survive Shiny Object Syndrome in Influencer Marketing

The recent debacle surrounding YouTube influencer PewDiePie is a very clear lesson for any current and future influencer marketing campaigns: Disney and YouTube both fell victim to “shiny object syndrome,” the tendency to constantly get distracted by new ideas. They’re both learning the hard way the importance of properly vetting influencers and ensuring they stay true to their […]

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5 Hacks to use Social Selling to Push Buyers Down your Sales Funnel

In the past, digital marketers would see each of their channels in silos and create strategies for each silo. Rarely did marketers build strategies across channels that take into consideration multiple touch points and attribution. Smart marketers will have noticed a shift away from single touchpoint and attribution model to multiple touch points and attribution, […]

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How to Include Influencer Marketing in your Digital Strategy

Every marketer knows the struggle of creating ads that don’t overtly promote your own product. It’s nearly impossible, and becoming more difficult all the time. Consumers are more aware than ever, and increasingly fickle about what advertisements they trust. Can you really blame them? Enter influencer marketing. Harness the voices of bloggers, social media advocates, […]

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