How to Use Chatbots To Push Customers Down the Sales Funnel

The use of AI chatbots is refining the way brands connect with consumers. They boost traffic, sales, and provide fast and accurate customer service and support. WIth the latest advances in AI, hatbots are one of the most powerful tools driving customer acquisition and support for brands. You could say that chatbots are revolutionizing the […]

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Influencer Marketing Roulette: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Consumers in today’s world are focused less on advertisements, and more on content. They don’t care that your product is the best on the market. Rather, they want to know what value your brand brings them. This line of thinking is pushed every time another company goes out of their way to make branding important. Take Apple, […]

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How To Survive Shiny Object Syndrome in Influencer Marketing

The recent debacle surrounding YouTube influencer PewDiePie is a very clear lesson for any current and future influencer marketing campaigns: Disney and YouTube both fell victim to “shiny object syndrome,” the tendency to constantly get distracted by new ideas. They’re both learning the hard way the importance of properly vetting influencers and ensuring they stay true to their […]

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