You Have No Idea How Lucky You Are – A Change in Perspective

It all started with a little bite.  You can read the start of the story here.  This post is an update. And if you have a strong stomach and can tolerate seeing a picture of blood, flesh, and other nasty gory stuff, here’s the progression of images of the wound.

Nurse Nancy came over to start my in-home IV process, and how lucky I got with her.  Nurse Nancy has 28 years of experience as a hospital nurse, and 24 of those as an IV specialist.

My first treatment took 3 hours, so we had plenty of time to talk and most importantly, for me to ask every single one of my questions about everything that’s happened.  When you are a nurse for this long you’ve seen it all, and have something to say about just everything.

When she heard my story, and looked at my foot, all she kept saying was, “You really have no idea how lucky you are”.  At first, I laughed and said, “Frankly, I don’t feel lucky at all! Quite the opposite!”

“That’s because you can’t see the cliff you were just about to go over”, she said.  “I see it quite clearly, and you were on the very edge.”

Nurse Nancy explained that if the bite had been a few inches over, I would’ve probably lost use of my foot for the rest of my life at best.  The dog just missed the Achilles Heel, which would’ve complicated the matter dozens of times over.

Also, she explained that even though the process was riddled with mistakes, enough was done, and quickly enough, to keep the infection out of the bone.  “If this had gotten to your bone, you would’ve been in a hospital for months,” she said.  Bone infections are very very hard to treat.

They tested for MRSA and cultured the wound for other bacteria, and so far, nothing has grown.  This is the other major blessing, as if I had contracted MRSA or any of the obvious bacteria that would’ve grown in a culture, I wouldn’t be looking at 2 weeks of antibiotics, it would’ve been 6 weeks at least.

“If the dog hadn’t been vaccinated, you could’ve been dealing with any number of diseases,” she reminded me.

As of now, inflammation has gone down, and the wound is seeping nicely, slowly releasing infection.  I showed her a progression of photos, and she marveled at how much better it had gotten.  To my naked eye, it does NOT look better.  But to her trained, knowledgeable, informed eye, she believes the wound is making good progress.

So in just one day I went from feeling just about the most unlucky person out there, to feeling incredibly blessed and fortunate.

Most importantly, I’ve been humbled by the outpouring of love, prayers, and support from friends and colleagues from all over the world.  I feel humbled, and so blessed to be supported by so many.

I’m so lucky.

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