New Year, New You

I’ve been busy the last decade.

I’ve had 3 kids, one who wasn’t supposed to survive.  The little ones are 5 and 6, only 16 months apart.

I’ve started several businesses, and am hatching several more.  I’ve moved to South America to establish an office and now back to Los Angeles. And between all of that, I’ve managed dozens of employees and clients, started speaking at conferences, and have traveled all over the world for meetings and conferences.

And the one thing that never happened was writing.  It was always last on the list of priorities, the one thing that indelibly got pushed back.

Writing for other blogs, writing for my own company website, writing on my own blog, writing a book, writing a journal.  It simply never happened.

And this year, as part of my New Year New You resolutions, I would like to embark on a journey of writing.  Whether I write about business, about life, about health, about parenting, or special needs – I’d like to write.

Perhaps in this long journey I’ve picked up a few things that I can share with you.

So here I go.  This is the first of hopefully many posts that I’ll be sharing with you.  Hello!

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